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S01E15 – Friends Ends in Ends

This episode we start off with the usual banter including topics such as our day jobs and tipping etiquette. Ends surprises Kyle with the completed, never before released version of a song called Blood...

S01E14 – Anno Domini

This episode we start by telling you all about our experience at the Froggy Fresh concert over the weekend (Spoiler alert: it was awesome). Then Ends tells us about his awesome Easter sunday. We...

Episode 68 – I Wanna Take a Shit By Myself!

Hi. This week our guests are Nick, Mikey, and Eric. This is the first show recorded at the new studio (aka basement) at my new house. After getting settled in, we start talking about...

Froggy Fresh – Dunked On

Froggy Fresh – Dunked On

Featured in episode 30 (courtesy of Mr. Sir at HorrorDork.com)