Episode 82 – The Hohner Brothers

Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox

Hey there! This week we welcome guests Paula, Dairic, Eric, and Nick. Tara is also present for a minute or two, but leaves promptly. After a harmonica duel, we start off with some chat about Xbox One, and the Master Chief Collection in particular. Paula brings up How I Met Your Mother for some reason, and then we proceed to shit on bad sitcoms for a period of time. Bad Married With Children rip-off Unhappily Ever After is brought up, and we discuss Nikki Cox’s tits for a bit.

groovetubeWe move on, try some beers. I show the guys this stupid toy called the Groove Tube and challenge everyone to “complete” the maze inside of it. Speaking of maze’s Paula mentions the movie The Maze Runner and Eric promptly hates on it. We talk some more movies, everyone recommends the new Planet of the Apes movies, and then Shawn shows up. More movie talk, the LOTR and Hobbit trilogies are mentioned, the new Star Wars is brought up. We watch a video of this guy’s reaction to the trailer, and then bullshit about Star Wars and such for quite some time. More movie talk… Harry Potter… Terminator… etc etc. This continues for a long ass time

Funko Pop vinyl figures

Funko Pop vinyl figures

Paula brings up Lootcrate, specifically the Funko Pop vinyl figures that they’ve included in some of their boxes, and we school the guys on the ins and outs of Pop figures. After checking out tons of different figures, we move on, chatting about The Room, The Interview, and eventually Korea. We talk about Second Life and how stupid it is, make fun of people who play it, and then I just start showing everyone stupid ass videos i’ve recently watched. The funniest being this news anchor who doesn’t realize she’s on the air. We wrap it up with a short chat about juggalos, Power Girl cosplayer’s tits, and dildos

No one ever solved the Groove Tube

generic closing


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