Experi-Mental (2006)

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1. Intro N/A
2. Experi-Mental KnoMorE & Keezie
3. Methods of Madness Keezie, Sly, Eidolon and Finale
4. Crashed Co-Effusion
5. And the Earth Finale and Keezie
6. Gibberish Eidolon
7. Dies Irae Keezie and Finale
8. Go Away Sly
9. Lost in the Pages Dead Evolution
10. Clear Keezie
11. Sandman Keezie, Sly and Eidolon
12. Hell and Back Again Finale
13. Spartacus Keezie & Eidolon
14. My Only Regret Keezie
15. Letters Home Sly, Keezie, Eidolon and Finale
16. Sibling Apathy Remix Co-Effusion
17. Loathing Eidolon
18. Embrace the Hate Finale and Keezie
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