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Episode #97 – Couldn’t Get It In – ft. Scott

This episode we are finally joined by long time friend of the show, Scott! We begin the episode by catching up, discussing the coronavirus and Kanye a bit before diving into our main topic – The Last of Us 2. We spoil the fuck out of this game, so if you haven’t completed it yet, skip to the 58 minute...

Keezie and Chris Discuss The Last of Us 2

Fresh off of completing the game, Keezie and his pal Chris chat about The Last of Us 2 in detail. Spoilers galore, do not watch or listen if you haven’t completed the game first! This video starts in the midst of their discussion already in progress.  

S01E23 – We Got Some Za Brah

This is a fun-filled episode! Ends starts us off by telling us all about his Bonnaroo experience, and we then go back and forth on our top 5 all-time favorite rap albums. After giving our buddy Chris all the credit for Tech N9ne’s fame, we go on and on about everything we’re geeked for after this year’s E3. Watch this:...