Episode #97 – Couldn’t Get It In – ft. Scott

This episode we are finally joined by long time friend of the show, Scott! We begin the episode by catching up, discussing the coronavirus and Kanye a bit before diving into our main topic – The Last of Us 2. We spoil the fuck out of this game, so if you haven’t completed it yet, skip to the 58 minute mark. Also be sure to check out Keezie’s chat with Chris about TLOU2 if you’re like us and you just can’t get enough of Ellie, Abby, Joel, Keezie or Chris.

We take a break and return to raise the motha fuckin bawrs. Scott brought some bars of his own, so we have a grand ole time and hand out some extremely high scores this week, including a couple of 10’s! Scott takes off before we dive into our throwback spotlight movie Detroit (2017), and Ends reveals his next movie choice, Good Will Hunting.

That’s it! Enjoy, see you next time, like and subscribe on all the shit, and hit us up with any questions or comments about the show!

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