Episode #94 – Coronaclash

Welcome back! This episode we are back with a new setup and doing the pod remotely. We begin by catching up and discussing the pandemic for a bit, before moving on to review all the games, music, movies and shows we’ve been watching. We get the inside scoop on Ends’ new EP titled XXIII, available now on all streaming platforms. We discuss Tiger King, Dave, Keezie talks about his newfound affinity for The Office, and we have a fun chat about Days Gone before taking a break.

We return from break with our audio issue fixed, and Ends then tells us all about RE3, Her Story, and Telling Lies. We talk about the Stanley Parable and a bunch of other games I won’t bore you with, and we check out the Travis Scott Fortnite concert before raising the bars.

We wrap things up by shining our throwback spotlight on a movie for the first time ever this week. Keezie chose (the appropriately timed) 28 Days Later (2002) this episode, and Ends chooses The Wedding Singer (1998) for our next one.

Have a great quarantine! #stayhome

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