S03E31 – Naked Chandler is a Creep

This episode begins with Keezie giving a rundown of his Valentine’s day trip to White Castle, and Ends refusing to tell us anything about the cheeks he’s been clapping. We immediately move on to video games, getting Ends’s reviews of Pokemon Shield, Untitled Goose Game, and Cuphead. We briefly discuss music, including Onyx, Bobby Krea, and G-Mo, and then Keezie gives his review of the Sonic movie. We wrap up the first half with Keezie’s review of the show, The Good Place.

We return with a quick discussion about how creepy it is to sleep naked, we raise the fucking bars, discuss Dr Dre’s album 2001 for our throwback spotlight, and wrap things up by counting down our top 5 Will Ferrell movies.

That’s it for season 3! We will return in a few weeks. Hit us up on the socials and make sure to kiss your great grandparents


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