S03E26 – Raise Your Heart, Rate

This episode begins with us discussing this football mishap featuring Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph, Ends shows off his Large Marge shirt, and Kyle shares some more opinions about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We then talk about all sorts of other games including our thoughts on Death Stranding, Jedi Fallen Order, Age of Empires, Luigi’s Mansion, and Pokemon Sword and Shield. Kyle then talks about the movie Midsommar, and we wrap up the first half with a long discussion about whether or not Disney Plus is necessary.

After a break, Kyle fills Ends in on some new music on Spotify, then feels like he’s having a heart attack for a minute, and we raise the bars (of course). We then shine our Throwback Spotlight upon the debut album on Psychopathic Records from Anybody Killa, Hatchet Warrior from 2003. We have a nice long chat about it’s purpose in the juggalo universe, and Ends chooses the album Hip Hop is Dead by Nas for next time. We then wrap it up by counting down our top 5 drummers since this episode was recorded on national drummers day. We wrap it up with Kyle telling you why he’s pissed at Tool.

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