S03E24 – Miss Me with the Whoopty-Whoop

We start this episode with our favorite topic, politics! We do our best to cover the debates, before we jump to the next scariest thing – horror movies! Ends gives us his horrendous horror recommendses, including a movie called Demonic, and Kyle talks a little about the show Creeped Out. Ends then tells us about El Camino, and we dive into Netflix’s American Idol contest for rappers – Rhythm + Flow – and we agree to cover our thoughts on the rest of the series on the next episode. We move on to games, Ends tells us about Spyro Reignited, and Kyle big-ups Sony for making the remote play available on all devices, and we have a nice convo about the future of consoles. We wrap up the first half by talking a bit about the China/Hong Kong fiasco, which leads us to a fun little sports chat before heading to break.

We return from break and we raise the fuckin bars again, we move on to discuss Ting Tings debut album We Started Nothing, Ends chooses Immortal Technique’s Revolutionary Vol. 2, and we wrap things up by counting down our top 5 horror protagonists.

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