S03E23 – Evil Minded Like Krang

This episode begins with Kyle giving his review of Joker, which brings us to a discussion regarding the expectation of safety while going to a theater. We then talk about how unnecessary Toy Story 4 is, and we share our thoughts on the Alec Baldwin roast. For Ends’s Horrendous Horror Recommendses this week, he gives us the scoop about Seven in Heaven and Haunt. We then move on to discuss Trump’s silly bitch ass for a bit before moving on to games.

We talk about some mobile games including Mario Kart, Dr. Mario, Pokemon the Card Game, and Call of Duty mobile. Kyle also gives his review of Days Gone for PS4, and tells Ends about the Google Play Pass, which gives Android users access to a bunch of paid games and apps for a $2 monthly fee before going to break

We return to raise the fuckin bars, and then we shine the throwback spotlight on Mood Muzik 4.5 by Joe Budden – a super controversial pick. Kyle chooses We Started Nothing by The Ting Tings for next week, and we take a few minutes to share our opinions on listening to your own music. We also briefly touch on Krizz Kaliko’s departure from Strange Music before wrapping shit up with our top 5 horror movies of the past decade.

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