S03E17 – Ba Dang Da Dang Diggy Diggy

We begin this episode with a discussion about PC culture and toxic masculinity, and why we should all be allowed to joke about everything at all times. Ends tells us about the Jimmy Buffet concert, and we share our thoughts on various movies and TV shows we’ve been checking out – including Gattaca, Family, Aziz’s new special, and the Scream TV series. We then shit on Tom MacDonald for a while (of course), and Ends tells us the secret to how he upped his PC gaming skills before taking a break.

We return from break to raise the fucking bars, and Kyle does things a little differently this time around. Ends gives out our 4th ever perfect 10 score this week, and it’s a new contender! We then shine the throwback spotlight on Kyle’s pick – Kid Rock’s Devil Without a Cause from 1998. We share some very different opinions, and Ends reveals his choice for next week, Uncle Kracker’s Double Wide from 2001. We wrap things up by discussing our top 5 favorite holidays for some reason

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