S03E16 – A Record of a Record

This episode begins with Ends telling us about the Killers concert he went to, as well as the Jimmy Buffet concert he will soon attend. We chat a little bit about what we’ve seen and played, and then Kyle breaks down the Area 51 shit for Ends, including his thoughts on the Bob Lazar documentary on Netflix. We go in depth as to how one would clap the alien cheeks, and then we check out the 10 Bands video from Joyner Lucas. We then clash hardcore on the origin of the word “record” being used in place of the word “song”, and how this is a new phenomenon. We voice our opinions on the Ed Sheeran/Eminem/50 RECORD, and check out some Cal Scruby before taking a break.

We return with a special edition of Raise the Bars, with Kyle sourcing all of his from rappers in the r/makinghiphop subreddit. We then shine the throwback spotlight on Ends’ pick, Brother Ali’s The Undisputed Truth. Kyle chooses Kid Rock’s Devil Without a Cause for next week, and we wrap it up by counting down our top 5 favorite music videos of all time.

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