S03E15 – Slouch it Up

We begin this episode with Kyle giving us a quick breakdown of his Florida trip, and we revisit our fuckable Pokemon discussion. Ends then tells us about a playable movie/game called The Late Shift, and then gives us the lowdown on the Dying Light franchise. We talk a little bit about John Wick and Google Stadia, and then have a long ass discussion about the Democratic debates and our main man Bernie. We wrap up the first hour with a shoutout to Ends’ dad, Bob Hunter, and his new book, Players, Teams and Stadium Ghosts.

We return from a break with our review of the Homicide video featuring Chris D’elia, and the new Joyner Lucas joint, Broke and Stupid. We then raise the god damn bars of course, and follow it by reviewing the Lonely Island’s debut album, Incredibad for our Throwback Spotlight. Next week we will be reviewing The Undisputed Truth by Brother Ali. We wrap shit up by counting down our top 5 Tom Hanks movies, and giving our first impressions of the Bel-Air trailer.

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