S03E14 – Snapchat’s a Snitch

This episode begins with our weekly recap. Kyle saw Ari Shaffir over the weekend, we talk briefly about trans people, and social media before moving onto games. Kyle rants and raves about Beat Saber, Ends does the same for Blops 4 (and says Blackout is the Battle Royale we’ve been looking for), and Kyle gives the latest news about Destiny going free-to-play.

Moving onto what we’ve watched, we go in depth on our thoughts on Detective Pikachu, which opens up a wild conversation about the most fuckable Pokemon. Ends tells us about Murder Mystery, and Kyle just might have convinced Ends to watch a new Netflix show called Love, Death, and Robotsspecifically episode #2.

After a break, we raise the fucking bars with Kyle giving out his first 10 grade, and you’ll never guess who gets it. We then shine the throwback spotlight on Green Day’s 1994 album Dookie, and Kyle chooses his album for next week, Incredibad by the Lonely Island. We wrap shit up by discussing our top 5 diss songs of all time.

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