S03E13 – Joe in Kansas is My Boy

This episode we begin with a quick eulogy for the great Bushwick Bill before giving our thoughts on Detective Pikachu and the Tom MacDonald/Mac Lethal beef. Ends then tells us about the new and improved Quake 2 mod, gives us the latest on PUBG, and we discuss how bad Biebs would get his ass kicked by Tom Cruise. We then spend the next 45 minutes going over our thoughts on all the latest E3 news. Kyle then berates Ends for not watching Rick and Morty before wrapping up the first half.

We return from break to review our throwback spotlight album, Another Casualty by Co-Effusion (available for free download right here on our site!). This album holds a special place in our hearts, and we recommend it highly! Ends picks his album for next week, Dookie by Green Day!. We then raise the bars of course, and then briefly count down our top 5 anticipated games debuted at E3

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