S03E11 – The Secret GOAT

This episode begins with an update about our sex lives, and then we check out the new Joyner and Logic joint ISIS. We then share our thoughts on the new Qveen Herby video Mozart, make fun of Lord Jamar for having some stupid conspiracy theories, and while we’re at it go ahead and shit talk flat Earthers for a minute. We then hype up Splitgate, Ends reviews Us, and tells us a crazy story about his dad almost dying.

After a break, Kyle gives a quick review of Batman VR, and then we raise the fucking bars with some awesome sets this week. We move on to discuss our throwback spotlight album, Blaze Ya Dead Homie’s One Less G in the Hood from 2001. Check out next week as we review Man on the Moon: End of the Day (2009) by Kid Cudi! We wrap it up by counting down our top 5 celebrity crushes

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