S03E09 – The Bonus Hole

This episode begins with our thoughts on Glass and The Hateful Eight, and then we create the Iconoclashathon. We catch up a little bit, and Ends tells us about an awesome date he went on with his homegirl Winter. We chat a bit about mothers day, and Ends tells us about purchasing his new whip from the homeboy Bobby Krea. Ends then tells us about Days Gone, and Pet Sematary and we take a break.

We return and Kyle talks about how he got duped by a Facebook scam before we Raise the fucking Bars (get the shirt), and then shine our Throwback Spotlight on Kottonmouth Kings’ High Society from 2000. Ends chooses next week’s album, DZK’s The Animated Series from 2009, and then we count down our top 5 favorite mobile games.

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