S03E05 – The Flip and Dip

This episode we begin by catching up a little as usual, including tales of Ends becoming Bobby Krea‘s impromptu hypeman, Kyle’s thoughts on Captain Marvel, and Ends’ experience taking his kids to see Frozen on ice. We have a fun sports segment where Ends tells Keezie all about what’s happening with the Reds and the BJs, and Kyle theorizes how the BJs gain their power. We revisit Ends’ unorthodox method of pissing without touching himself, and then have a fun discussion about why BJ fans are more tolerable than Buckeyes fans. This leads to a chat about being passionate about things, and circle jerk a little about how sweet our podcast is. We then shit on Kodak Black, we go into our thoughts on Nipsey and Tech N9ne‘s videos, and wrap up the first half with some speculation about the PS5, Star Wars games, and World War Z the game.

We return from break and immediately raise the fuckin bars (Avengers style), and then shine the throwback spotlight on Kyle’s choice, Bloodhound Gang’s Hooray for Boobies from 2000. Ends reveals his choice for next week, Copywrite’s The High Exhaulted (2002), and then we wrap it up by counting down our top 5 favorite pieces of zombie media.

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