S03E04 – BJs For Life

We begin this episode by catching up a little, hyping up the Blue Jackets and such, before giving a couple shoutouts to our homies King Dice and Justice. We briefly touch on the Nipsey tragedy and the black hole news, and Ends gives us his review of Glass. We then check out the trailer for new zombie show Black Summer, followed by the new trailer for Rage 2, and shit on the current state of Elder Scrolls Blades while we’re on the topic of Bethesda. Ends tells us all about this billionaire who plans to host his own battle royale, and we fantasize about the logistics of how that would work. We wrap up the first half with Ends recommending the album PH by Phresher, and a nice long chat about our thoughts on reparations.

We take a break and return to encourage everyone to find their thing, right before diving into our top 5 favorite Brad Pitt movies of all time, inspired by this funny clip from Meet Joe Black. We then raise the fuckin bars of course, and wrap things up with our discussion of Yelawolf’s Trunk Muzik 0-60 from 2010 for our Throwback Spotlight this week. Tune in next week for Kyle’s choice, Hooray for Boobies by the Bloodhound Gang!

Catch y’all next time!


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