S03E02 – Betty Boop Looks Nice

Hey hey hey, this episode we begin by catching up a little, chatting about what we’ve been watching/playing before Ends tells us about Apple’s new streaming game service. We then of course, discuss Jeff Bezos’ dick, before checking out the new Borderlands 3 trailer. We discover that Ill Bill has a new album that just came out called Cannibal Hulk, as well as Yelawolf’s Trunk Music 3 and we pledge to discuss them on the next episode. Kyle then talks a little about this cop slapping the living shit out of this guy at a hospital, and recommends everyone to check out G-Mo Skee laying the smack down on annoying streamer Low Tier God in Super Smash Bros. We wrap up the first half by reopening the whole “Chris Brown is a good guy” discussion once again.

After a break, we return to discuss  Xzibit’s album Full Circle in this week’s Throwback Spotlight segment, chosen by Ends. Next week we will be talking about the Flobots album, Fight with Tools – chosen by Keezie. We of course raise the fucking bars, and wrap it up by quickly counting down our top 5 hottest cartoon ladies.

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