S03E01 – We All Agree to Disagree

This episode begins with us catching up a little, we shout out Justin Parker, discuss a little Division 2, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and dive into a debate about the danger of marijuana. After quite some time, we agree to disagree and move on to talk about our cool new graphics, then the Christchurch massacre and New Zealand’s decision to ban assault weapons. Ends then tells us about a nazi rabbit hole he traveled down while reading comments on the video at a gore website.

Moving on to games, we discuss Ape Out, this Ocarina of Time multiplayer mod, and Google’s new streaming game platform, Stadia, and what it may mean for the future of gaming. Keezie then gives some advice on how to start a podcast, and explains how hard (or easy) it actually can be. We touch on a few more subjects such as the Disney/Fox merger, and the Woodstock ’19 lineup before heading to break.

We return from break with a guest, as Keezie’s wife Tara joins us for the first time ever! We dive right into discussing Schaffer the Darklord’s Mark of the Beast (2007) for our Throwback Spotlight this week, where we clash hardcore. Ends reveals his choice for next week, Full Circle by Xzibit, we then raise the bars and make Tara grade them with us (as she provides her own grading scale), and then count down our top 5 favorite viral memes. Classics such as Antoine Dodson, Cash Me Ousside girl, Friday, and Nerf Nerf Mom are featured. We wrap it up with a nice long clash about whether or not you should still be eating  Chick-Fil-A

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