S02E31 – We Love You

We begin the episode by catching up a little bit before we discuss the new Yelawolf Bloody Sunday video. We also highly recommend checking out Elvis Messy and Mountain Dew Mouth, his other 2 videos promoting his new Trunk Music 3 mixtape. We then touch on a few things in the news, including our thoughts on R Kelly and Michael Jackson. We then chat about some new games coming out, including PS4 exclusive open-world zombie game Days Gone, as well as indie Switch game Ape Out, and of course, The Master Chief Collection finally coming to PC (including Steam) with Halo: Reach! We wrap up the first half by sweating on our favorite T-shirt website, HorribleHomeVideo.com once again

After a break, we come back to shine our throwback spotlight on Ends’ choice – The Game’s 2008 gangsta rap classic, LAX. Keezie then reveals his choice for next week, Mark of the Beast from nerdcore rapper Schaffer the Darklord from 2007, and then we raise the fuckin bars. We both picked and spit some awesome shit, and then chat a little about the FBI college scandal for a minute before counting down our top 5 green things of all time in honor of St. Patrick’s day. We finish the show by checking out the new Will Smith show on Facebook, Will Smith’s Bucket List

See you next week! Iconoclash.net

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