S02E30 – Sometimes You Gotta Stroke It

We begin this episode by immediately discussing Michael Cohen, Trump, and Alex Jones. We casually segue into video games, discussing the new Xbox digital only console coming out, as well as the new Humble Indie Bundle 20. We then chat a little about the beauty of the Amazon Alexa, and Ends breaks the news to Keezie about the 2nd ever person being cured of HIV. Ends then tells us about his fail of a show last weekend, and we talk a little bit about Keezie’s new job. We wrap up the first half with a quick discussion about Bernie, and then Keez gives Ends the lowdown on the new Psychopathic Psypher.

We return with our Throwback Spotlight, this week shining it on Keezie’s choice, Corporate Avenger’s Freedom is a State of Mind from 2001. We have a fun, nostalgic trip down memory lane while discussing this album for quite a while, and Ends reveals his choice for next week – LAX by The Game. We then raise the fuckin’ bars for national pancake day, before counting down our top 5 Will Smith movies of all time, in honor of his son Jaden’s decision to do something about the Flint water situation.

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