S02E29 – How Do You Like Them Apples?

This episode we welcome Ends back in studio, hot off the Cali-Zona Love Tour! We catch up a little, discussing Ends’ gross finger, weddings, and folks who take symbolism too seriously. Kyle then gives the details about his new podcast, Deck One Dealt, a new juggalo show reviewing ICP albums and sharing stories. We check out McNastee’s entry into the MNE beats contest, titled “Hollywood”, and you should too! We then check out the Sara Tonin Gamestop diss song called “Super Ma’am“. We discover that she used to rap under the name Paycheck Stubbz, which leads us down a rabbit hole of transgender rappers, leading us to discover another one named Noshame. Other topics include the documentaries Alt-Right: Age of Rage and Abucted in Plain Sight, John Stewart debating news assholes, and YouTube pedophiles. We wrap it up with some gaming talk, mainly Goldeneye 25, Xbox game pass on the Switch, and the banned game called Devotion.

We return from a break with a little Blue Jackets talk before diving into our Throwback Spotlight section! This week we shine it on Three Six Mafia’s “Da Unbreakables” from 2003. After a nice discussion, Kyle reveals his pick for next episode, Corporate Avenger’s “Freedom is a State of Mind“. We then run through our Raise the Bars segment before discussing the Oscars, and we then count down our top 5 favorite best picture nominees of all time.

The show takes a hard turn at the very end when Keezie shows Ends a porno he discovered, featuring a guy murdering 2 girls and proceeding to put them in compromising positions (to say the least). I won’t directly link it (you’re welcome), but search for PKF Real Estate Intrusion on Xvideos if curiosity is getting the best of you. We then wrap it up with a fun discussion about fetishes, toe-sucking, and transgenders!

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