S02E26 – Wippity Bippity Bop

This episode begins with some super bowl talk (or should I say, POOPER bowl, amiright??) before diving into the reason we started the show a few hours late. We then spend quite a while having a big ol’ fat fuckin sweet ass game chat. Ends starts by giving us the latest on his newest/oldest obsession – Resident Evil 2 – including his S rank achievement. We then share our thoughts on Pikuniku (the cutest revolution we’ve ever been a part of) before Kyle gives his review of another Switch indie gem, Golf Story. We also check out the trailer for Wargroove, and compare it with some classics such as Dragon Warrior and Shining Force, and Kyle then introduces Ends to Respawn’s surprise new free-to-play battle royale game, Apex Legends (and the puppy bowl). After giving our children mad props for somehow figuring out how to play games even when the odds are stacked against them, we wrap up the first half with a quick update on Tekashi 69 and Joe Budden’s new beef with The Game

We come back from break and Kyle introduces Ends to Caffeine.tv, a cool new streaming platform which features zero delay. After blowing his mind with that shit, we listen to the new Ends (feat. Skye) song promoting the Calizona love tour, before diving into our throwback spotlight segment. This week’s entry from Kyle was the Welcome to the Show EP, the 2009 album from Iconoclash’s biggest fan, The Jokerr. We go back and forth between shitting and praising him, before ultimately deciding he’s not worth any more show time. I think it’s safe to say, this is one show he is NO LONGER welcome to! LOL. Ends then nominates Kanye West’s 2008 album 808’s & Heartbreak for next week. After that, we raise the fuckin bawrs, and countdown our top 5 favorite websites – once again having an unprecedented moment at the end. Finally, we praise Justin Parker’s awesome skills once again and check in on our homeboy Kaph one more time before wrapping it up




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