S02E24 – Raise My Kids

The Trail of Destruction

What up. This episode begins with a grand ol’ Resident Evil discussion once again, as Ends eagerly anticipates the release of RE:2 this Friday. He has been streaming all the RE7 DLC on his Twitch channel, but you can peep em on our YouTube page as well. After lamenting once again about the glory days of The Legend of Zelda series, we take a moment to bitch about old man problems. Kyle expresses his concerns about a new face rash, and Ends discusses his aches and pains increasing as the years go by.

We briefly talk about an Arizona underground compilation album that Kyle received in 2006, which leads into us destroying an autographed copy of one of Kyle’s Jokerr CDs. Ends then publicly calls him out, and we shit talk him for quite some time for no reason other than we think he’s an asshole. We then do the opposite to our friend McNastee, and we straight suck on his balls for a few minutes before we destroy a 2nd Jokerr CD. Afterward, we discuss some new music, including a new Cryptic Wisdom album, Royce Da 5’9’s new track Cocaine, the new Boondox album Liquor, Lies, and Legacy, and Gorilla Voltage’s Gods and Claws. We wrap up the first half with a discussion about R. Kelly and Chris Brown, and the #metoo movement in general.

Bobaflex – Apologize for Nothing (2005)

After a break, we dive right into our Throwback Spotlight segment. This week’s featured album is Apologize for Nothing, the 2005 album from Bobaflex! Kyle sweats on this album (and band) for quite a while, before we stumble upon a 3rd Jokerr album to destroy. We then dive right into our raise the bars segment which features some very high grades this week, and Kyle then takes a moment to bitch about Bobaflex not having a proper Wikipedia page – something he vows to correct. Finally, we wrap things up by counting down our top 5 favorite YouTube channels, we discuss how we spent all weekend tidying up our houses, and we destroy our 4th and final Jokerr album.

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