S02E23 – Sparking Joy

This episode starts off hot with an immediate review of the Resident Evil 2 one-shot Demo. Of course Ends discusses his opinions at length, but Kyle tried it too! Check out the live stream of it over on our Facebook page (and YouTube). Ends then tells us about his new Twitch channel, where you can currently watch a video of him playing Resident Evil 5 from beginning to end in one sitting. After circle-jerking each other for a bit more, we give our review of the movie Terrifier, currently streaming on Netflix. It features a mute, murderous, maniacal clown, who smiles and laughs while he gruesomely kills everyone for seemingly no reason. We spoil the fuck out of it, (including the graphic details of the hacksaw scene) so if Terrifier sounds like something you want to watch, check it before watching our segment on it. Ends then gives us his thoughts on Smash Bros before we head to break.

We return and immediately start dissing The Jokerr, but just to keep it keebler we show we’re not haters by praising fellow underground rapper Lex the Hex Master right after. We then briefly discuss Flipsyde once again since we’ve now received messages now from 2 out of 3 members (hit us up Piper!), and then we dive right into our planned segments. Ends chose our throwback spotlight album this week, which is T.I – T.I. vs. T.I.P. from 2007. We break it wide open and share which tracks spark joy in us, and Kyle shares his choice for next week’s spotlight – the 2005 album Apologize for Nothing by Bobaflex. We then have a fun little raise the bars segment of course, and countdown our top 5 favorite podcasts of all time before wrapping it up.

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