S02E22 – Let Me Know in the Comments

This episode begins with clashers sharing some fun parenting moments, right before deep diving straight into Birdbox. We discuss it’s deeper, darker interpreted meaning, and Ends then shares his disappointment with Bandersnatch. Kyle lets us know his opinions of The Happytime Murders, A Simple Favor, and Mandy, and we wrap up movie talk with Ends’ opinion on Truth or Dare.

In games, we revisit the Ocarina of Time Unreal engine demo and marvel in it’s beauty, and Ends tells us about the Resident Evil randomizer app he discovered. After he expresses his feelings about how excited he is for the new RE2 remake (once again), we wrap up the first half with a really uneducated discussion on the government shutdown.

After a break, we return with our Throwback Spotlight segment, this week shining it on Boondox’s debut Psychopathic Records album, The Harvest from 2006. Kyle goes track by track giving his opinion, and Ends gives a much more succinct review. Sticking with the juggalo theme, we count down our top 5 favorite Horrorcore albums, which takes an eternity because we keep getting caught up in the nostalgia. We have a nifty little raise the bars segment, Kyle pleads with someone to hook him up with the new Violent J – Brother album, and we wrap it up by giving away Scribblenauts Unlimited

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