S02E21 – Getting the Band Back Together

This episode starts off with a good ol’ fashioned discussion about Indiana Jones, and then we dive in with our first ever spontaneous giveaway live on the show! We talk a little bit about Christmas, which leads us into a gaming discussion, mainly about our thoughts on some of our new Steam and PSVR games. We move on to discuss Birdbox and the trailer for Us before debuting a super cut of Iconoclash bro moments, made by Ends!

After a year of doing shows, we share some of our favorite Iconoclash moments, the best of which happened on New Year’s Eve where we were contacted by Flipsyde guitarist Dave Lopez. He thanked us for reviewing We the People and says we inspired him to keep it up! A great moment for us and the show, and we look forward to taking full 100% credit for the return of Flipsyde in 2019. Check out the song Sleepy Lion released in 2018!

Sharing more of our favorite moments from the show, we get sincere and reflect on our friendship, before taking a break and returning with our top movies, albums, and games of 2018. Ends discusses some more of his best of moments of the year, we raise the bars, and shine our thowback spotlight on Young Buck’s 2007 album Buck the World. Look forward to our discussion of The Harvest, by Boondox next week!

That’s it! thanks, see you LIVE on Facebook next Tuesday!

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