S02E19 – A Christmas Clashing

Welcome friends! This is episode 50 of Iconoclash! We are celebrating our 50th episode with a Christmas theme, so come get merry with us

We start the show with a little gift exchange. Ends gives Kyle a Master Chief Pixel Pal, and Kyle gives him a couple of Steam bundles to kickstart his new gaming PC that we built together last week. Speaking of last week, Kyle mentions that he got to meet Coyote Peterson, and then we debut the new Bobby Krea and Ends music video for the song “It’s On”, from Bobby’s upcoming album “That Shit Krea”. Ends tells us to watch the show Kenny vs. Spenny, and then our stream cuts out, so we take a break

We come back and Kyle shows off the gifts he received from Scott for the Unknown Podcast gift exchange, and we dive right into our Christmas themed Raise the Bars segment (which features a couple of incredible moments), and then we count down our top 5 Christmas songs of all time. We then definitively agree that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and then we shine our Throwback Spotlight on 1997’s “Big Willie Style” from Will Smith (and man is it still sweet!) before wrapping things up

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