S02E18 – Sicker than the Germs in AIDS

The coolest guy in the world, Coyote Peterson

This episode begins with a quick chat about the upcoming Bobby Krea/Ends video for a song called “It’s On”, to be debuted next week right here EXCLUSIVELY on Iconoclash! We then have a nice discussion about what rap means to us, including it’s therapeutic and meditative qualities. We get real for a minute while talking about finding the thing in your life that makes it worth living, and how we all need to be passionate about something. We then (once again) spend an inordinate amount of time talking about a man who HAS found his thing, the one and only, coolest fucking guy in the world – Mr. Coyote Peterson from Brave wilderness. Moving on to games, we discuss The Division and Fallout 76 again, and wrap up the first half with Ends telling us some fun stories about his dad before going on break

What’s Wrong with Bill?

We come back with our top 5 fears, (which gets dark pretty quickly). Lots of doom and gloom later, we brighten things up with our throwback spotlight segment, featuring the 2004 album “What’s Wrong with Bill?” by Ill Bill. Spoiler: it’s fucking awesome. After sweating on it for quite some time, we have a sweet Smash Bros themed Raise the Bars segment, and wrap things up with a pretty long, passionate discussion about our feelings on the police after Kyle recommends Live PD.

This is one of our longest episodes, but it’s also one of the realest! Let us know what you think in the comments here, or on any of our socials. Subscribe on YouTube, throw us suggestions for topics and categories for our end of the year show (coming soon), and tune in next week for our 50th episode, which will also be our first ever Xmas special!

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