S02E17 – Honing the Samurai Sword

This episode begins with Ends telling us a tall tale about him getting roofied, and he then tells us all about his thoughts on Wreck-It Ralph 2. Kyle saw Sal Vulcano from the Impractical Jokers at the Funny Bone this past week, and Ends shares his newfound love for Coyote Peterson. After sweating on him for a while, we shift the sweat to Hot Ones, another awesome YouTube channel, and Kyle gives his quick review of The Christmas Chronicles, starring Kurt Russel as Santa. We move on to discuss some of our best Christmas gifts we’ve ever given, and eventually wind up praising Eminem for being an actual rap god, especially after talking about this new 11-minute “freestyle” video. Kyle then talks a little about his visit to the Unknown Pod this past weekend

After a break, Kyle shows off his cool new poster/pin combo he picked up from Rock the Dead Co last week, we immediately dive into our Throwback Spotlight segment. This week’s album is B.L.E.V.E. by Kutt Calhoun from 2004. Spoiler alert: we didn’t love it this time around. Although we forget to mention it during the show, next week’s album will be the 2004 album by Ill Bill – What’s Wrong with Bill. We then have a really fun Raise the Bars segment before counting down our top 5 favorite hip-hop producers of all time

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