S02E16 – Afraid of the Troll

This episode begins with a quick chat about our Thanksgiving weekend, including how Ends’ dog ruined his family gathering, we share our mutual dislike of cake, and Kyle talks about how he be bakin’. Kyle then shares his thoughts on Wreck-It Ralph 2, and Ends gives a non-review of Earthfall. We clash over our opinions on Skyward Sword being ported to the Switch, and then we proceed to have a lengthy discussion about Pokemon. After spending all week with Fallout 76, Ends gives us his full review (spoiler: it sucks), and we clash over some petty shit before going to break

After the break, we discuss our collective assholishness before shining our throwback spotlight on Ultimate Victory, the 2007 album from Chamillionaire. We sweat on it heavily for quite some time, and Kyle reveals next week’s pick; B.L.E.V.E. by Kutt Kalhoun (2004). We have a really fun raise the bars segment, we count down our top 5 favorite board games, and Kyle then introduces Ends to Doja Cat and Coyote Peterson before we wrap things up.

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