S02E12 – Halloween Pt. 2 – Having Fun with the Bros

Happy Halloween part 2! We immediately start by plugging the Bad Trip Mixtape, a free Halloween album from the Mafiatic Misfits that came out last year. Kyle takes  issue with being branded the juggalo guy, and we catch up a little before getting into what we been playin

Ends got a bunch of new Switch games, and tells us all about his thoughts on Wolfenstein II, Doom, Dead Cells, and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. We tell our thoughts on the games list that was recently revealed for the Playstation Classic, and Ends gives his full review of Red Dead Redemption II.

In creepy news, Ends shares a funny story of his daughter watching The Fourth Kind, and Kyle talks about the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. We chat a little about the Walking Dead before Kyle reveals what he got in his mystery package from GOAT and Your MOM (which finally makes Ends show them the respect they deserve!). Ends then recommends his favorite porn star, Lexington Steele, and we wrap up hour one with a quick Beanboozled jellybean challenge

We have a bunch of fun handing out the highest scores ever in this week’s Halloween themed Raise the Bars, and then Ends gives Kyle shit for winning a trophy at his own Halloween party. Costumes discussed include Kyle’s Hollywood Hogan, Ends’ hotdog, Tara’s jigsaw puppet, and Eric’s Tyrone Biggums

We then dive into our top 5 horror icons. Kyle finds out that Friday the 13th are zombie movies and Ends disapproves of some of Kyle’s choices, We then check out these pretty neat horror movie themed joker’s card art from Justin Parker before wrapping things up

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