S02E10 – Goonie Goons the Looniest

We start with a quick chat about pedophiles, and then deep dive into the psyche of people who refuse to spend money on apps. We then move onto a discussion about PS5 and the future of gaming. After shitting on hackers and trolls, Kyle then talks about how he ripped off the dog-hating scab once again by doing a little trolling of his own this past week.

Moving on to games, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is discussed, and we get into a conversation about the ethics of micro transactions and pay-to-win tactics. Kyle mentions some of the Switch games he’s played. Clashers clash about Lil Wayne lyrics, Ends talks about this disgraceful rap battle, and we have some movie talk, most of which includes our full review of Hellfest. We wrap up the first half by getting a little political talking about Trump and Kanye

After a break, we return with our top 5 favorite first person shooter games, and we have a good ole time throwing out some pretty high scores this week on Raise the Bars.

Shout out to Bowsette cosplayers, send us your category ideas for our end of the year awards, and prepare to get spooky on next week’s halloween episode!

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