S02E08 – The Devil’s Triangle

We start this episode with a recap of our week, and almost immediately dive into the controversy surrounding The GOAT and your MOM. The band was not a fan of our comments on their lyrics (featured in last week’s Raise the Bars segment), and left a few interesting comments on our Facebook page. We then immediately dive into The Carter V and have a nice long chat about Lil Wayne. We briefly touch on Kanye and Logic, and wrap up our music chat by committing to review the new ICP album, Fearless Fred Fury when it drops later this month. Make sure you check out Violent J dadding out on the latest Juggalo Show to see another side of the wicked clown. We briefly touch on the new Sony Fortnite crossplay news, Ends tells us about This is the Police 2, rants and raves about his new Razer phone, and we let you know our opinions on the whole Brett Kavanaugh bullshit before taking a break.

Upon returning, we pimp out some of our new merch (get some) and dive right into Raise the Bars. Keez impresses Ends with several of his choices this week, and we each give some of our highest scores to date. Our top 5 is morphed into a top 10 this week, as we count down our favorite games from the 360/PS3 era. We then wrap things up with Kyle’s thoughts on the show Manifest and the movie Smallfoot (spoiler: both deserve a Monster Bash)

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See you next week!

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