S02E07 – Skim Milk Chuggin

This episode begins like always with a recap of our weeks, including our thoughts on why fat chicks give the best head, and the blasphemy of the Monster Bash pinball game. After bitching about the lack of The Carter V, we dive into our weekly video game discussion starting with our thoughts on the Playstation Classic. We then daydream about the possibility of an N64 classic, and then give our thoughts on Overwatch (still available for $12 from Humble!) and the free-to-play Ring of Elysium. Other games discussed include Spider-Man and Death Stranding.

After sharing our opinions on Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, Kyle addresses the haters that came from the woodwork after his anti-dog rant from the previous episode. We briefly touch on the Space Jam 2 news, and Ends tells us his thoughts on the movies Demon House and VHS 2. We also make a commitment to check out the new Nicholas Cage movie, Mandy this week and report back next episode.

We take a break and return with Raise the Bars, which (according to Ends) is ruined once again by Kyle for picking some fun lyrics. Then to make up for last week (and to show that Keez actually does have a heart), we discuss our top 5 favorite dogs of all time

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