S02E04 – Flappin Around Like a Bapkin

Welcome turd burglars! This episode is a doozy! We dedicate a good 80% of this episode to the best to ever do it, the greatest in the world, the undisputed GOAT, Eminem! We give our thoughts on Kamikaze, and discuss Rap Devil, MGK’s new Eminem diss song. We also briefly touch on G-Eazy’s MGK diss track, Bad Boy and pick apart some of our favorite bars from all of the above.

We move on to discuss the new Justus album, Kyle recommends everyone check out the new Atmosphere song, Virgo, we shit on the Underground Avengers for a minute, and then Kyle tells you all what he did to piss off Twiztid this past weekend.

After a break, Ends receives a gift from Keez, we talk a little PUBG, and we dive right into our Raise the Bars segment. There is a crazy coincidence that occurs during this segment, completely unplanned! Keeping up with “The Greatest” theme of this episode, we then run down our top 5 favorite Eminem songs of all time.

Wrapping things up, we watch this hilarious video of Chris D’elia imitating Eminem, we talk some more about Jeff Ross’ Roast battle, and Kyle fat shames Tess Holliday’s sexy fat ass

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