S02E03 – Macho Man Got the Bars

We start this episode by paying our respects to the victims of the worst rage-quit of all time, Ends shares some life hacks, and he tells us about the Copywrite show he went to last week. We then share our opinions on the songs Get the Strap by Uncle Murda, and Too $hort – Ain’t My Girlfriend. After touching on a number of other topics including the movie Hereditary, Jeff Ross Roast Battle, John McCain, PSVR, and Streets of Rage 4, we round out the first hour with our thoughts on the ROG phone.

After taking a break we return with our Raise the Bars segment (which is definitely the highlight of the show this week) before moving onto our top 5 favorite video game sidekicks. We wrap the show up with our thoughts on Moscato wine, Smash Up, Joyner Lucas’ rap skills, and Star Wars Galaxies Heroes.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, there’s honestly too much to recap here! Lots of fun was had this week, so make sure you join us LIVE next week over on Facebook!

Play this: Contagion, Until Dawn – Rush of Blood, Doom VR

Listen to: Macho Man – Be a Man, Jumpsteady – Chaos Theory

Watch this: Too $hort – Ain’t My GirlfriendGet the Strap by Uncle Murda, Hereditary, Roast Battle

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