S02E02 – Smash Like Automatons

What is up you fucking freaks? We start with a chat about the past week, giving props to Bobby Krea, Jay Red, and Codeine. We continue with music chat by letting you know our opinions on the newest act signed to MNE, horrorcore group Alla Xul Elu.

Moving on to games, we chat a little bit about Dead by Daylight, and Ends tells us his thoughts on the weirdest game ever, Here They Lie. We hype up PUBG since it’s having a new update, and then we make plans to see Copywrite in concert. After going through some random notes in Kyle’s phone, we take a break and come back with a little chat about Anarchist Vampire.

We talk about our favorite video game villains for this week’s Top 5 segment, and have a lot of fun with Raise the Bars immediately after. We wrap it up while we slam on some Clancy’s Hot & Spicy. Make sure you peep the Anarchist Vampire interview on episode 2 of the old Keezie show

Like us on the stuff, listen and watch on the things, and tell us your thoughts. Catch you later!

Listen to this: A.X.E., Bobby Krea, Brother Ali, Anarchist Vampire

Play this: Dead by Daylight, Here They Lie, Earthbound

Watch this: Castle Rock

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