S02E01 – Rein Like Deer Slaves

It’s time for season 2! We have some new graphics and features and segments (not to mention better quality video!) so make sure you watch live on our Facebook every week so you can participate in the show!

We start this episode by discussing the guy who took an airplane joyriding, and then we dive right into a video game discussion. Ends encourages us to play Dead by Daylight (free on PSN this month) and Quake Champions, and Kyle tells us his opinion on God of War after spending all week playing it. We also spoil the shit out of it, and speculate on what the ending could mean.

Moving on, Ends debuts a never-before seen music video he made a while back for his song “I’m Gone” from the album Beautiful (available wherever you get music nowadays), and then we jump into our Raise the Bar segment were we judge other artists bars without context. We then take a break and return with our top 5 favorite alcoholic beverages!

We finish things up by discussing some TV shows and movies that we’ve watched (and want to watch), including things like I Am a Killer, Orange is the New Black, Castle Rock, Twin Peaks, and True Blood.

Let us know what you think about the show, (good or bad), hit us up on the socials, subscribe on YouTube, all that shit. You know the drill. See you next week!

Play this: Dead by Daylight, Quake Champions, God of War

Watch this: Castle Rock, I Am a Killer, Stand By Me, Shawshank Redemption

Listen to: Lupe Fiasco – Mural, Bobaflex – Dry Your Eyes, The Unknown Podcast

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