S01E30 – Dinosaurs with Guns

We start this episode with a discussion about names, and quickly get into video games. Kyle tells us about introducing his kids to Guitar Hero, and shares that he is now the proud owner of a PS4! We chat about crossplay (and lack thereof) and who we think is currently winning the “console war”.

We move on to talk about shit we’re watching for a few minutes before diving into our top 5 Genesis games of all time. We wrap things up by singing the praises of Resident Evil and the Mario Kart series, and Ends tells us about this guy who creates custom Xbox and Playstation laptop consoles.

Watch this: Castle Rock, Steve Martin & Martin Short special, The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis

Play this: Theme Park, Dinosaurs for Hire, Scooby-Doo (SEGA Genesis)

Listen to: Bobby Krea – Bobby’s World, G-Mo Skee – The Android Filfteen

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