S01E29 – Land, Loot, and Shoot

This week’s episode begins with Ends telling us about his recent King’s Island trip which gets us chatting up a storm about our amusement park experiences. We talk a little bit about G-Mo Skee and Limp Bizkit, and Kyle shares his thoughts on the newly released trailer for DC’s new streaming series “Titans”.

Moving on to video games, Ends tells us a little about Microsoft’s plans for their next console (codenamed Scarlett). He talks about Ghost Recon: Wildlands for a while, Kyle tells us about Titanfall 2, and  we bond over Hyrule Warriors.

Kyle watched Primal Fear, so we gush about Edward Norton for a minute, then we suck on Clancy’s dick (as always), Ends drops a verse, we talk about the Netflix docuseries “Rapture”, and we shit talk Trump. We then go over our top 5 favorite time travel movies, and then spend several minutes of dick-riding Jake Gyllenhall before wrapping things up with our thoughts on the new FX series The Mayans M.C.

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Play this: Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Hyrule Warriors, Portal 2

Watch this: A Time to Kill, Looper, Predestination, Waiting, Behind the Music: 50 Cent, The Sinner

Listen to: G-Mo Skee – Chaly and the Filth Factory

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