S01E27 – Happiness in your Household

We begin this episode by discussing how shitty The Culling 2 looks, and talk a little about the history of the Portal games. Ends also tells us his experience with God of War and Rainbow Six Siege. We move on to some movie talk, starting with our thoughts on Super Troopers 2 and A Time to Kill. We then share our opinions on magicians in general, and Keezie spends an inordinate amount of time trying to convince Ends that Derren Brown is the best mentalist of all time. 

We take a break and Ends introduces us to Tyrone before heading straight into our top 5 for the week – porn stars! Definitely check out the video to see all of our choices (it’s probably NSFW, but nothing explicit. Not trying to get kicked off of YouTube!). Kyle then introduces ends to a cool site called Mojo Upgrade which helps you and your significant other discover each other’s hidden sexual fantasies. Ends changes course by telling us about his friend who is attempting to conduct an experiment regarding how white people treat her based on whether or not she smiles at them. We discuss the flaws in the logic of this experiment, and have a good chat about race in general.

Wrapping things up, Ends asks Keez what celebrities he would cry for if they died. This sparks an interesting discussion about our emotions and our ability to cry (and lack thereof). We both agree that having kids certainly ups the emotional bar for us both, and we share what actually does make us cry nowadays. We finish by mentioning what video games deserve a resurgence.

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