S01E25 – Chuck Norris Almost Killed My Dad

Hey there! This week’s episode begins with us discussing our week, including our new jobs and how Ends almost beat up someone at his work. We quickly move into our video game discussion which starts with us pimpin’ out the Valve Complete Pack on sale right now for $15 during the Steam Summer Sale. Keezie tells everyone about Hollow Knight and we learn a little bit about the Metroidvania genre. Ends and Keez both commit to play through each other’s favorite games of all time – Resident Evil 2 and Earthbound – and Ends tells us about some of his favorite horror games.

We start hour 2 with our top 5 favorite comedy movies of all time, during which Ends details his dad’s brush with death while watching Dodgeball, and then we countdown our top 5 favorite comedians of all time. We wrap things up by telling you our thoughts on women in comedy (spoiler: it’s not pretty)

Watch this: Bulletproof (1996), Vacancy, Shaun of the Dead, What About Bob?

Listen to: The Unknown Podcast

Play this: Hollow Knight, Condemned, SOMA

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