S01E24 – The Sunglass Episode

This episode we start with a Switch hack update before moving on to Sonic Mania. Ends is skeptical about it, but changes his mind almost instantly. We also chat a bit about Survivor and 13 Reasons Why, and Keezie also publicly changes his opinion about G-Mo Skee. Ends then tells us the truth about what happened between him and Snakey McVey, and we quickly touch on XXXtentacion.

For our top 5 segment, we discuss our favorite fast food restaurants, and then we flip it by telling you our top 5 least favorite fast food joints! As an extra bonus, we then quickly go through our top 5 favorite cartoons of all time, just for the hell of it.

Wrapping up, Ends tells us about some life changes he’s been making, and he justifies why he doesn’t need to wash his hands after pissing (band under, band over). We also share the joy of our new favorite YouTube channel, Todd’s Toys.

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Listen to this: G-Mo Skee – Filth Factory, Ends – The Darkest White

Play this: Sonic Mania, Sonic Spinball, Mega Man 2 – Bubble Man level

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