S01E22 – Sow Your Wild Oats

This episode we start with a chat about Ends’ personal life and he hypes up his upcoming Bonnaroo performance. We then watch his almost best of PUBG highlight reel, and reminisce about awesome racing games of yesteryear

We move on to discuss the new Kanye album a little bit, and we clash on our opinion of the Hulu and Spotify apps. For our top 5 segment this week, we discuss our favorite 90’s horror movies, and Ends tells us a story of creepy clowns he met at a funeral

We check out a supposed leak of the Playstation E3 press conference lineup, and we dream up an Iconoclash mod for Fallout. We wrap things up by discussing back tickling, and a little bit of Survivor season 7 episode 1 (since Kyle only watch about half an episode). We will return next week ready to discuss episodes 1-3

Buy Ends albums, especially Bloodworks since it’s almost the 10th anniversary.

Play this: Perfect Dark, Beetle Adventure Racing, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Listen to: Kanye – Yikes

Watch this: Scream, From Dusk Til Dawn, Pet Sematary, Survivor S07E1-3

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