S01E20 – A White Trash Macklemore

This episode we start by praising the great Pauly Shore for some reason, and then we delve into a discussion about rapper Tom McDonald, and we give our opinions on his controversial song White Boy.

Moving on to movies, we share our thoughts on the best Batman, and talk about a bunch of awesome time paradox movies. We also let you know our opinions on actors such as Dustin Hoffman and Johnny Depp

Our video game discussion starts with Ends once again raving about Breath of the Wild, and then Kyle shares some strong opinions on Majora’s Mask. Ends gets geeked for the new Pokémon, and we talk a little about Fortnite and PUBG.

We debuted a new feature this week where we pick a topic and rank our top 5. First up is our top 5 shittiest games we’ve ever played. We clash on a few controversial choices, but it was an interesting chat. Let us know what you think of our picks!

We wrap it up by daydreaming about battle royale games, and pimping out new Ends music. Go buy all of his albums on iTunes or Google Play, or at least peep em on Spotify. Don’t forget to cop the Iconoclash.net exclusive Numbers album to help out the show!

Watch this: Arrival, Edge of Tomorrow, Pauly Shore is Dead
Play this: Friday the 13th, Clash Royale, WCW vs. The World
Listen to this: Joyner Lucas, Ill Bill, Macklemore

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