S01E19 – Balls Out Beer Pong

We start off this episode with a couple of technical difficulties as Ends tries to tell us about the show Evil Genius on Netflix. Kyle laments about the cancellation of Last Man on Earth before moving on to his review of Avengers: Infinity War. Ends refuses to buy into the hype, which leads to a discussion of superhero movies in general and why he hates them, unless they include either Batman or Toby McGuire

Moving on to video games, Ends gets us geeked for Rage 2 and introduces us to another really cool looking game called Atomic Heart, that looks like a cross between Bioshock and Fallout. We talk a little PUBG console vs PC, and Ends brags about getting a chicken dinner on PUBG mobile right before we started the show. We talk a little about E3, specifically what Capcom may debut (RE2HD?), and the Steam Link mobile app, and we look forward to H1Z1 on PS4. We wrap up our game chat by discussing the phenomenon of Fortnite and it’s recent tie-in with Marvel, and we day dream about a vagina monster mod that 100% should exist.

We bounce around topics a bit for the final half of the show. Ends reviews the Joyner concert he went to, we sweat on Clancy’s Hot Pork Rinds, we talk mother’s day, Japanese war bonds, John Oliver, and G-Mo Skee. Ends reads a couple of Kyle’s dream notes from the past week, and Kyle reveals his recent brush with ball cancer, which spawns a whole discussion about vasectomies and nuts. Ends’ brother calls, we talk vinyl records for a minute, and reveal our favorite ICP songs. We wrap it up by chatting about the Columbus Podcast Festival (which we didn’t realize we already missed) and Ends promotes his newest Bible Boxset album, Exodus

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Watch this: Evil Genius, LeBron’s Kia ads, Infinity War, G-Mo Skee – Final Boss 2

Listen to: ICP – Under the Moon, Ends – Exodus

Play this: Rage, Resident Evil 2, Fortnite with Thanos mode


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