S01E18 – Bags of Peanuts

This episode we begin with an update about our feelings on Kanye’s latest antics, including his viral TMZ appearance. Shoutout to Van Latham for standing up to him! Ends also retracts his comments from last week regarding Kanye thanks to this Charlemagne interview. We ultimately conclude that he’s not being malicious; he’s just a retard.

We move on to discuss music for quite a bit. Ends introduces us to Buddy, and we express our opinions on Childish Gambino’s viral This is America video before moving on to the new Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown joint, I Don’t Die. The music chat continues with our opinions on Bone Thugs, Tech N9ne, MGK, and 6ix9ine. We also talk about some of the best and worst shows we’ve ever seen live, and we surprisingly bond over our mutual love for Corporate Avenger. Of course we make sure to throw in some Froggy Fresh love, and throw some honorable mentions to Gza, Ill Bill, and Royce Da 5’9″

In our video game segment, Ends shares his opinions on a bunch of games he’s been playing including Hyrule Warriors Legends, Raging Justice, and Shovel Knight. We bitch about some of Nintendo’s questionable decisions as of late, and talk a little bit about VR games.

We wrap it up by chatting about free comic book day, LeBron haters, and which animals we can kill with our bare hands

This one was long, but fun! We hope you enjoy it, be sure to rate us on iTunes and subscribe to our YouTube and all that

Listen to this: Ill Bill – What’s Wrong With Bill?, Froggy Fresh – Escape from Hood Mountain, Gza – Liquid Swords

Watch this: The Hunger Games movies, LeBron’s buzzer beater

Play this: Majoras Mask 3D, Doom VFR

Don’t look at this: Olsen Twins at the Met Gala

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